Expressive Web Words

Check out these words that Charlotte could have used in her web to describe Wilbur,
plus the students tell how these words describe themselves as well.


Wilbur: Wilbur is a super pig.  Wilbur tries to show off.
Student: I am super.  I help people.


Student #12


Wilbur: Wilbur is wonderful when he talks.  He loves to talk to Fern. 
I am cool to do school.  I can count up to 91.

Student #5


Wilbur: I picked that word for Wilbur because Wilbur is really super to me.
Student: This word can describe me because I have Charlotte's Web at my house.

Student #14


Wilbur: Wilbur is super because he's a friend to everyone in the barn.  Wilbur, you are cool.
Student: This word could describe me because I'm super, just like Wilbur!

Student #16


Wilbur: Wilbur is wonderful to do tricks.  He is wonderful to Charlotte.
Student: I am wonderful to my friends.

Student #6

"Good Pig"

Wilbur: Wilbur is a good pig.  He is great and people like him.
Student: People say I am good.  My mom says I'm good.


Student #8


Wilbur: He is exciting because he has a new friend.  Her name is Charlotte.

Student: Christmas makes me exciting.

Student #10


Wilbur: Wilbur eats all his food.  People come from far away to see him.
Student: I like to clean up with my mom.  My dad needs me to help him.

Student #13


Wilbur: Wilbur is a delightful pig.  He is delightful to Fern.
Student: I am delightful to people.  I am delightful to my mom.


Student #7


Wilbur: Wilbur understands the animals.  He is kind to Charlotte.
Student: I can understand how I learn.  Science is how I understand the best.

Student #4


Wilbur: Charlotte said Wilbur is good-looking.  Wilbur is gland that Charlotte said he was good-looking.
Student: I have to be good-looking on Friday.



Student #15


Wilbur: I chose fantastic because Charlotte said Wilbur was a fantastic pig.  Wilbur is very happy now.
Student: This word would really describe me because I'm a very good girl at school.

Student #2


Wilbur: Wilbur is a big pig.  He eats too much.
Student: I am big too when I grow up.  I'm a human.

Student #17


Wilbur: Wilbur is a super pig.  He is an awesome character.
Student: I help others.  I also do dishes.

Student #18


Wilbur: Wilbur is an excellent character.  He does an excellent job doing tricks.
Student: I am excellent doing dishes.  My mom loves me doing the dishes.



Student #3


Wilbur: Wilbur is very stunning.  Wilbur is always happy.
Student: I like to be stunning.  I'm stunning when I'm happy.

Student #9

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