Charlotte's Web



Blanchard Reads is a schoolwide program at Blanchard Elementary to promote reading.  Each year we select one book for the entire school and give a copy to each of our families to read.  Some of the teachers decorate the front hallway with our story theme.  This year our chosen book was "Charlotte's Web."

We had great fun exploring, discussing as well as reading this story.  There were people from the community that joined us one day to discuss the story.  Finally, the whole school had the opportunity to attend the newly released movie of "Charlotte's Web"
which was simply great!!

Here are some of the ways our class explored this wonderful story:

5 W's Poetry Web Words Who Am I? cards
5 W's Poetry
This poetry answers these questions:


We used this format to describe different characters in the story of "Charlotte's Web."
Click on the farm animals to go to our page of poetry.


Expressive Web Words

We selected words that we thought Charlotte
could have used to describe Wilbur. 

Then we explained how that same word
could describe us!

Click on the web to see our web words and writings.


Who Am I?

We made cards that described
one of the characters from "Charlotte's Web" and
then drew a picture as we gave the answer on the back.

Play a guessing game with us and see if you can guess which character we chose, just click on the description to find out if you are right.

Click on Wilbur to start.



Charlotte's Web Project

Charlotte's Web Resources