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Wilbur invites you to join in the
fun of reading "Charlotte's Web."



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Author & Illustrator Sites
bullet Meet E. B. White
bullet E. B. White - Biography & reading comprehension
bullet Letter from E. B. White
bullet Online E. B. White Word Search
bullet About Charlotte's Web
bullet E. B. White - biography & questions
bullet Garth Williams - biography
bullet Garth Williams Questions & Answers - about the movie
bullet Charlotte's Web Illustrations
bullet Garth Williams - biography & books illustrated

Lesson Plans
bullet Charlotte's Web by E. B. White - vocabulary, writing prompts, art ideas and more
bullet TeachNet - Excellent questions
bullet Teacher Vision - lots of lessons and ideas
bullet Predicting with Charlotte's Web
bullet Adjectives and Character Traits
bullet Charlotte's Web across the curriculum - pdf file
bullet Charlotte's Web for grades 1 & 2
bullet Charlotte's Web - illustrated vocabulary
bullet Friendship Resources
bullet Thematic Unit on Charlotte's Web - includes an ABC powerpoint
bullet Make a Farm Lesson - Make a Farm Software - free
bullet Charlotte's Web WebQuest

Activities & Worksheets
bullet Online Quiz
bullet Point of View - Friendly Letter
bullet Create a State Fair Brochure
bullet Character Matching Quiz
bullet Read Student Letters to Charlotte's Web Characters
bullet Map of Summarization
bullet Bar Graph for Favorite Character - Survey Sheet
bullet Wilbur's Emotions Chart
bullet Favorite Character Report
bullet Fern Character Map & Paragraph
bullet Friendship - Personal Application
bullet Charlotte's Adjectives
bullet Map the Farm - draw a map
bullet Kindergarten Pig Activities
bullet Literature Response Journal Prompts
bullet Charlotte's Web Story Problems
bullet Class Play
bullet Enchanted Learning Farm Activities - LOTS of good stuff

Fun Stuff & Games
bullet Hangman with Charlotte's Web Characters
bullet Charlotte's Web Quiz
bullet Pom-pom Spider
bullet Border Paper
bullet Crossword Puzzle - printable
bullet Online Crossword Puzzle
bullet Dot to dot pig by 5's
bullet Charlotte's Web Uno - printable
bullet Charlotte's Web Dominoes - printable
bullet Charlotte's Alphabet Cards - lower case - really!
bullet Charlotte's Alphabet Cards - upper case
bullet Charlotte's Number Cards
bullet Pig Crafts
bullet Online Pig Jigsaw Puzzle
bullet Rags to Riches Game
bullet Farm Coloring Pages

Barns & Pigs
bullet Investigating Setting: Barns
bullet Descriptive Paragraph of Barns
bullet Barns
bullet Lots of Farm Sites - poems, info, and much more
bullet Investigating Character: Pigs
bullet Pig Information
bullet Farming in Illinois - click on animals - then pigs
bullet Farm Animal Resources
bullet Label the Farm Animals
bullet My Pig Book

bullet Report about spiders
bullet Character behavior
bullet Creepy Crawlies Quiz
bullet Spider's Resources
bullet Spiders Thematic Unit
bullet Spider Quiz
bullet Spider Shape Book
bullet About Spiders - Label Spider Parts
bullet Spider Webs
bullet Spider Web Structure


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