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Parent Links

It's the dream of every parent
for each child to be given the chance
to fulfill his or her potential.

It's the goal of every teacher
to have a classroom of students who learn,
are challenged, and achieve.

    Mrs. Gibbar and the class will add to this initially limited list as we find excellent sites that we feel would be of use to parents.
"How can I help my child?"

Parent specific links:

  2013-2014 Resources
1. Internet Safety 
1. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence  Doing What Works  Khan Academy--free source for math, science
2. Science News for Kids great source from American Association for the Advancement of Science
3. Mitosis tutorial (knife/fork/spoon activity)  for Dec 2004
4. Genetics games  Worksheet
5. Science Explorer (textbook:  Inside Earth) site for online activities, review
6. Science Question of the Day
7. Science Magazines
8. Open House PowerPoint Adobe   PowerPoint
9. Science Resources
10. Homework Assistance:
Scientific American's Ask the Experts
Fact Monster's Homework Center
11. Reading Strategies
Pre-Anticipation Guide   Reading Content Group Work    
Pre Reading During:  Retelling Routine    

Magnificence Project

12. Cells and Heredity Resources
13. Resources for Girls
14. Teen Brains     The Brain from top to bottom

General links:

1. San Diego State University
2. Access Excellence
3. Probability
4. Human Brain
5. Nutrition
6. Earthquakes for Kids  Earthquake WebQuests
7. Science Newsletter (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
8. MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries
9. Strange Matter Exhibit
10. Jefferson Lab
11. Earth Movement in Real Time
12. States review...not science but great!
13. Science News for Kids
14. The Britannica Guide to Black History
15. Low Life Labs
16. Toymaker
17. Web Weather for Kids
18. Science Museum of Minnesota-Wow!
19. Nutrition:  Rate Your Breakfast Plate
20. Try It Science..labs
21. PowerUp is a free online 3-D multiplayer game that allows students to experience the excitement and the diversity of modern engineering while saving the earth from disaster.


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