From:  Pat Fanger, Director of Curriculum and Assessment

            Cape Girardeau Public Schools


As the second half of the year approaches I would like to find how I can support you with implementing curriculum. 


I am very impressed with the interest teachers have shown in regards to curriculum and assessment and would like to keep that interest alive and well.    Please complete this survey so I can better support you with curriculum.


Please submit this survey to Pat Fanger by clicking on the submit button by Friday, January 16, 2004.



Grade Level:
Please check the box if you would like assistance in the following areas:
1.   Work with me and other teachers in small groups to talk about curriculum
    before school            during school          after school  
2.  Visit my classroom and coach me on how to better implement curriculum  
3. Meet with our department and/or grade level during scheduled meetings to discuss curriculum
4.  Meet with me and/or our building/grade level/department to discuss closing the achievement gap
5.   Meet with me and/or our building/grade level/department to discuss differentiated instruction
6.  Other---please explain:  
I would also like to begin developing local assessments in the area of Communication Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.   Although the Communication Arts Curriculum Committee will be developing assessments for that content area, I do not want to wait for the other areas to develop curriculum before we start this process.  Therefore I am looking for teams of teachers in each area and in each grade level to work with me on developing these assessments.  I canít anticipate how long this will take, and I do not have any money to pay you to work, but I do know this important for kids and that we will have fun and grow professionally.  If you are interested please submit your name and grade level in the content area you are interested in working on to develop local assessments.
Social Studies
Additional comments and ideas:



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Please return this survey to Pat Fanger by Friday, January 16, 2004