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December News!


Here's what we'll be doing in Mrs. Bartlett's Class in December!

Reading: We will be working on the letters Ll, Mm, and Nn in letter recognition, sounds and handwriting. We will continue reading simple books that focus on high frequency words.  Our class uses many rhymes and songs to teach reading strategies. Families are encouraged to read daily with their student to enhance vocabulary and understanding of the printed word.

Math:  Students will be counting and writing numbers 15-20, and will be learning about sequencing activities and pictures.

Social Studies/Science:  Our themes for December will be "Our Five Senses", "Reindeer", and "Winter".

Handwriting:  Kindergarteners will be writing seasonal words and completing simple sentences. The students are encouraged to slowly sound out words and write the letters they hear. Families may support writing by providing paper and writing materials at home, and spending a few minutes each day writing together.


How to Help Your Child in Kindergarten

1.  Begin the day with a nutritious low or no-sugar breakfast.

2.  Help your child learn his or her lunch code, which is the last four digits of their Social Security number.

3.  Help your child learn to zip and button clothing and coats and tie their shoes.  Dress your child in clothes that he or she can easily manage.

4.  Read to your child daily.  Provide books and other reading materials for your family and let your child see you reading.

5.  Make writing materials available for your child.  Encourage their attempts at creative writing.

6.  Play games with your child.  This will help them learn about taking turns, following rules, and being a good sport.

7.  Encourage your child to help around the house.  Assign chores to help them develop a  sense of responsibility.

8.  Check your child's backpack daily.  You'll see what they're doing and your interest will encourage them to put forth their best effort.  Discuss their work and together choose a paper or project to display on the fridge.







Friday's are spirit days! 

Show your Tiger Pride
and wear orange and black!


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