April News!

      Math:  Our April math lessons will focus on counting by 2's. 5's and 10's, subtraction, and counting to 100 (report card goal). 

      Reading We are continuing our study of individual letters.  With each letter, the children enjoy songs, poems, chants, puppets, books and other activities focused on the letter of the week.  They will learn to identify the letter, produce it's sound and write it properly using writing lines.   We have learned to read the following words: what, where, they, make, am, down, there, who, and, see, the, is, go, can, in, this, like, to, we, will, play, at, do, for, has, it, look, my, no, yes, you, off,  on, at come, day, and have.  Encourage your child to identify these words in books when you read to them.                                      



      Theme : Our  themes this month will be " Frogs," Plants," "Butterflies," "Ocean." 

      Writing:  We will practice writing the letter of the week using the writing lines. Please encourage your child to write sentences using our word wall words. We are practicing starting our sentences with a capital letter, leaving spaces between words and ending with a period.

 Good Citizens:

Classroom:   Dakota Cooper and Tate Young

Art:  Nick Trankle

Gym:  Nate Nelson

Library/Computer:  Emma Teague

Music: Dakota Cooper



Classroom Rules

1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

2. Listen when others are talking.

3. Follow the teacher's directions the first time.

4. Be a friend.



How to Help Your Child in Kindergarten

1.  Begin the day with a nutritious low or no-sugar breakfast.

2.  Help your child learn his or her lunch code, which is the last four digits of their Social Security number.

3.  Help your child learn to zip and button clothing and coats and tie their shoes.  Dress your child in clothes that he or she can easily manage.

4.  Read to your child daily.  Provide books and other reading materials for your family and let your child see you reading.

5.  Make writing materials available for your child.  Encourage their attempts at creative writing.

6.  Play games with your child.  This will help them learn about taking turns, following rules, and being a good sport.

7.  Encourage your child to help around the house.  Assign chores to help them develop a  sense of responsibility.

8.  Check your child's backpack daily.  You'll see what they're doing and your interest will encourage them to put forth their best effort.  Discuss their work and together choose a paper or project to display on the fridge.


Classroom Supply List

Box of 16 or 24 count crayons

1 pair blunt tip Fiskar's scissors

l bottle Elmer's glue

5 yellow, sharpened pencils

1 big pink eraser

2 large boxes of tissues

child size backpack-no wheels


empty 3 ring binder(1 1/2 inch)

1 pkg. Expo dry erase markers, boys only

l package washable markers, girls only

pencil pouch

plastic cup, no lid

6 glue sticks

1 box baby wipes

Ziploc bags boys-gallon, girls-sandwich

Please do not send anything that is not on the list.


Don't forget to wear
and black on Spirit Fridays!



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