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Game of the Day

Fun Links for
Older Kids

Lots of fun games with
Disney characters

Arthur's Page

Lots of ways to have
fun while learning too!

The World of 
Curious George



This is a fun site that allows kids to have fun learning! 
Great fun for your brain!

If you like animals, you'll love this site. Lots of animals for you to create and information to read.

Lots of fun and games for several grade levels.  Worth taking the time and looking at some of the fun educational games.  Plus you can pass the time while loading games with fun little activities.

Kewl Kids Web Sites

This is a site full of links to other sites that have been previewed for kid use. You can find education, science, math, fun, or sports sites, plus lots, lots more!.

Kitten Scrambler Puzzle

Game  Goo

A cool site that has fun characters that also teach important reading skills.  
Take a look and learn something at the same time!