Action Poems

These poems were written using a verb that the students had selected.  They used the action poetry format and created these poems.  Enjoy these active poems!

I Jump

     I jump.
     I jump rope.
     I jump every day.
     I jump high.
     I jump.


I Listen

     I listen.
     I listen to my mom.
     I listen to my dad.
     I listen to my mama.
     I listen to my grandpa.
     I listen to my grandma.


I Skip

     I skip.
     I skip in the playground.
     I skip at recess.
     I skip when I play baseball.
     I skip.



I Fish

     I fish.
     I fish with CB.
     I fish at the river.
     I fish at the lake.
     I fish.


I Crush

     I crush.
     I crush ice at the store.
     I crush bugs outside our yard.
     I crush ice cream cones in the park.
     I crush rocks too.
     I crush.


I Travel

     I travel.
     I travel to go to Texas.
     I travel by plane.
     I travel to see my aunt.
     I travel.


I Camp

     I camp.
     I camp with my mom.
     I camp with my dad.
     I camp with my family.
     I camp.


I Play

     I play.
     I play with my ball.
     I play with my mom.
     I play at my park..
     I play.


I Climb

     I climb.
     I climb in trees.
     I climb at home.
     I climb anywhere.
     I climb.


I Swim

     I swim.
     I swim and practice.
     I swim in the pool.
     I swim doing tricks.
     I swim.


I Exercise

     I exercise.
     I exercise by running.
     I exercise outside by playing kickball.
     I exercise with my friends.
     I exercise.


I Giggle

     I giggle.
     I giggle because my dad got my sister.
     I giggle because my mom makes me giggle.
     I giggle a lot.
     I giggle.


I Tackle

     I tackle.
     I tackle kids.
     I tackle football players.
     I tackle for football.
     I tackle.


I Run

     I run.
     I run track.
     I run and chase boys.
     I run to help people.
     I run.


I Joke

     I joke.
     I joke with my mom.
     I joke with my brothers.
     I joke with my sisters.
     I joke.


I See

     I see.
     I see you now.
     I see you in the park.
     I see you in school.
     I see.


I Ride

     I ride.
     I ride bikes.
     I ride in a car.
     I ride a bus.
     I ride.