Dinosaurs are taught in my classroom as part of
our rocks and soils unit to emphasize fossils. 
Here are some of the worksheets I use to teach this unit.

Introduction:  When and Where Dinosaurs are found:

Where In The World?

When Dinosaurs Lived

Dinosaur Names:  What do they mean?
Dinosaur Name Meanings What's In A Name?
Meat/Plant Eaters:  Classifying Dinosaurs by what they eat

Meat/Plant Eaters Graph

Dinosaur Sizes:  Comparing sizes of Dinosaurs

Length Graph

Height Graph

Fact Sheet: Dinosaur Terms:
Dinosaur Factual Sheet Table of Terms
Specific Dinosaur Studies:  Four Dinosaurs are studied in depth
Tyrannosaurus Stegosaurus
Triceratops Brachiosaurus
How Dinosaurs Died:

Dinosaurs:  Fact or Opinion

All I Know About Dinosaurs...

Note:  I had small dinosaur models on each student's desk to use for the measuring part of this sheet

Dinosaur Dig:  I created a dinosaur dig using small dinosaur models that have been cut up and put into a mixture of soil and plaster of paris (approx. 2 parts soil to 1 part plaster of paris) placed in a 8" x 8" aluminum pan.  I make 1 per 4 students.  Then I divide it into quadrants using string taped to the pan and label it as shown on the worksheet.  The students use toothpicks, tweezers, plastic spoons, and toothbrushes to do their dig.  They then record their information and together put the dinosaur together in order to identify it.

Digging for Dinosaurs

Classifying and Comparing Dinosaurs:  I have different kinds of dinosaurs on each table for every two students.  I've used both pictures and small models, both worked well.  Students work in teams to classify their dinosaur after they write 4 descriptors.  I have numerous books available to the students to look for their particular dinosaur.  They identify their dinosaur and then learn two new facts about it which they record.  Then they compare their dinosaur to those that they learned about.
Classifying Dinosaurs Comparing Dinosaurs

Extra Dinosaur Sheet:  Teaches complete sentences/fragments

Dinosaur Sentences Dinosaur Bibliography

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