Five Senses Poem

The students were asked to name the five senses:


The students brainstormed kinds of fruit, which were recorded on the SMARTBoard.  The students were then encouraged to choose one of those words for their poem. 

The five senses template was introduced to the students:

          Summer Fruit Name
          Fruits are describe how it looks
          Fruits smell describe how it smells.
          Fruits feel describe how it feels.
          Fruits sound describe how it sounds to eat it.
          Fruits taste describe how it tastes.

This template shows the student what they are to write about their fruit.  They were shown how to highlight the plain words and then type in their words.  They were to leave the bold words in the poem. 

Next, the students opened their templates at their computer and began writing their poems. 

When they completed their poem, they had to title their poem with the fruit they used and then they could select a realistic clip art graphic of their fruit to add to their poem.

You can adapt this poem for anything that uses the five senses.  I've done this same form for the seasons, holidays and favorite foods or snacks.

Please feel free to use these templates with your students as you would like.

  Five Senses Template
  Fruit List
  Five Senses Student Sample

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