Bear Snores On
by Karma Wilson


Our class enjoyed reading this story as a read aloud. We realized that the animals in “Bear Snores On” would not actually be partying the winter away. We did the following activities after reading this story:

1. We found out what these animals would do to survive winter and created the Kidspiration activity below.

2.  As we are also working on our writing skills, especially revising our writing to be more interesting, we practiced revising sentences by using some of the great action words used in the story in this Kidspiration activity.

3.  We then retold the story as a Transitional Write Aloud. The class decided that their story would take place in the arctic. We briefly researched some arctic animals, and chose those we wanted to use. Then we followed the pattern of the story and retold it. Check out our story!



The Polar Bear Slumbered On

by Mrs. Hicks’ 2nd Grade Class


In the arctic winter, a polar bear was in an ice cave sleeping. 

He sleeps through the cold winter night, cozy and warm keeping.

And the polar bear slumbered on.


A short-tailed weasel comes in from the cold. 

“Too cold,” he said, so he lights a fire, burning red and gold.

But the polar bear slumbered on.


Along comes an arctic hare who greets the weasel and they make a treat. 

They made hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows and take a seat.

But the polar bear slumbered on.


Reindeer comes in for a treat as he sniffs the good smells. 

He brought some snow ice cream his mother had made, so he tells.

But the polar bear slumbered on.


The arctic fox and wolf come by, the snowy owl and arctic tern fly in.

They hoot and tweet, they yelp and make a din.

But the polar bear slumbered on.


The hot chocolate boils over and makes a loud sizzle sound.

The polar bear wakes up and looks around.

He roars.

He grumbles.

He growls.

He mumbles.

He lumbers.

He pounds.

He thunders.

He bounds.


The polar bear sits as he fusses and grumbles.

He’s sad that he’s missed all the fun, he mumbles.


The animals tell him to stop all his whining.

They invite him to join in all their fun and start dining.


So they all party on.


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