Class Surveys
What do 2nd Graders like??

Our class divided into five groups.  Each group selected a topic to ask the rest of the class about.  They then met as a group and developed five questions.  Each group then asked the class and everyone voted one time.  Below are the graphs each group created using Excel.  We also shared some of the things we learned from our graphs.
No one chose candy as their favorite. The same number voted for ice cream and cookies.
More people chose fruit rollups
than ice cream sandwiches.
Most people chose fruit rollups
as their favorite.
Only 1 person chose ice cream sandwiches.
There are 2 more people that
like kickball than tag.
8 - 6 = 2 more people
like soccer than basketball.
Soccer was the favorite. No one chose the monkey bars.
4 people like kickball.
Less people voted for
Life is Ruff than That's So Raven.
Fat Albert was the second favorite.
Fat Albert got 6 votes. There was 1 vote for Life is Ruff.
That's So Raven is the favorite.
Trucks are less than Dora. Dora has 8 votes.
Dora has 2 more than Sponge Bob. No one chose dolls.
4 people liked Hot Wheels and trucks together.
More people liked pizza than spinach. Less people like spinach than chicken.
More people chose pizza than apples. The one with the most votes was pizza.
Spinach was the least favorite.

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