Morning Work

Every morning my students do their Calendar Morning Work
as I take role and do lunch count.

Below are sample calendar sheets.

Incredible Equations Tally Marks
I introduce the Incredible Equations the first day of school.  The students write one or two number sentences in that day's square so the answer matches that day's date:

September 6:  9 - 6 = 3 or 4 + 2 = 6

The Tally Marks page is introduced the first day as well.  The students practice writing tally marks as they show the tallies for that day's date:

September 6:     //// /     

Roman Numerals Weather Chart
This page is introduced in November.  The students write the Roman Numeral for that day's date:

November 6:  VI

This page is introduced the first day of school.  Students are to color in one or more squares to show that day's weather.  On the last day of the month, the students answer the questions at the bottom of the page using the data in their chart.
Students share their information when we do calendar together each morning, so they do a self-check of their work.  I allow 5-10 students to share their Incredible Equations as I write them on my Incredible Equations pad on our calendar.  I put the student's initials by their contribution.  Then once a month I send one of these Incredible Equations sheets from our calendar home with each child, trying to make sure that each child gets one page that has one of their contributions.