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Versions of Cinderella:

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Cinderella Stories


Summaries of Cinderella Versions

Cinderella Activities:
bullet Sequence Cards
bullet Cinderella Activities: Diamante Poem, Shoe Descriptive Paragraph,               Compare/Contrast,
bullet Worksheets:  Word Scramble, Sequencing, Crossword Puzzle, Questions
bullet Venn Diagram:  Cinderella & Yeh Shen
bullet Character Report
bullet Setting Paragraph
bullet Fairy Tale Similes
bullet Fairy Tale Report
bullet Fairy Tale Beginnings
bullet Fairy Tale Story Planner
bullet Cinderella Booklet Idea
bullet Comparing Cinderellas: Venn diagram, Invitation, You/Me chart,
                               Acrostic Poem and lots more!
Cinderella Web Quests:
bullet Cinderella Around the World
bullet Cinderella Around the World
bullet Cinderellas of the World
bullet Where is Cinderella?
Cinderella Resources:
bullet Cinderella Around the World Project
bullet Fairy Tale Comparison
bullet Cinderella's Characterization
bullet Cinderella Lyrics from Movie
bullet Discussion Questions & Project Ideas
bullet Comparing Cinderella & Rough Faced Girl
Cinderella Fun Sites:
bullet Match Cinderella's Shoes
bullet Rough Faced Girl Crossword Puzzle
bullet Cinderella Coloring Pages
Cinderella Online Stories:
bullet Grimms Fairy Tale:  Cinderella
bullet Cinderella
bullet Disney Cinderella