Tri-fold Pamphlet

(Word 95)



Remember to look at the sample!!  Plan out the pamphlet before beginning. Be careful so you put the correct panel in the correct place!  Create the inside and outside panels as two separate files.




You should have pre-selected your pictures and placed them in your folder so you will have easy access to them later. 


To create a Tri-fold


1.            Open a new document.

2.            Select Page Setup from the File menu.

3.            Click on the Margins Tab

4.            Change top. bottom, right, and left margins to .5 inches.

5.            Click on the Paper Size Tab.

6.            Change the paper orientation to Landscape.

7.            Select Columns from the Format menu.

8.            Set the Presets section to Three. Click OK.

9.            Temporarily place a line between the columns using the Line icon.  It helps!

10.        You are now ready to begin entering information for your pamphlet. You should have your pamphlet planned before you begin!

11.        Place all words you are putting into the pamphlet in Text Boxes.  It will save you problems later.

12.        Insert all your pictures and text and adjust them to fit the pamphlet.

13.        Remove the temporary lines.

14.        Once you have finished the outside of the pamphlet, open a new document make the inside.





          This is probably the trickiest part of making the Tri-fold.  Remember to remove the temporary guide lines. You need to watch when you print the outside of your pamphlet and see how it feeds into the printer and how it comes out.  You should be able to figure out how to re-feed the outside through the printer so the inside will be lined up and print properly.