Word 95


        Open new document and make sure you are in Page Layout mode

        Set margins at .5Ē

        Select the Draw Oval Tool and make an oval somewhere on the page.  Donít worry about size or shape.

        Under Format select Drawing Object

        On format screen select Size and Position tab

        Make height and width 4.78Ē

        This now gives you a perfect circle slightly larger than a CD

        Design your coaster using methods from the General Directions

        Remember you are going to trim a smidgen off your design after you mount it on the CD so donít go all the way to the edge with detail

        Print coaster design on card stock

        Rough trim your coaster design

        Cover your design with contact paper

        Trim coaster design to edge of design

        Go out of the room and spray the CD with spray adhesive and allow the adhesive to set for a couple of minutes

        Mount coaster design on CD

        Trim design to fit CD

        Spray adhesive the back of the CD

        Mount and trim a piece of felt to fit the back of the CD




You should be able to get 2 coasters per page of card stock, so make 2 but trim them before you do contact paper (saves money)