Coupon Booklet

Word 95


To Create Card Outlines


·        Open a new document

·        Under Tools select Mail Merge

·        On Mail Merge Helper Screen

·        Select Create

                        Select Mailing Labels

                        Select Active Window

·        Select Get Data

                        Select Create Data Source

                        Click OK

                        Name this File and Save

                        Select Set Up Main Document

                        Select Avery Standard

                        Scroll to find 5371 Business Card

                        Highlight Business Card

                        Click OK

                        Click OK

·        Close Mail Merge Helper Screen by clicking on the X.

·        When the screen appears it will have dotted lines for the “coupons”

·        You will create only in the rectangles on the left of the screen.


To Insert Pictures or ClipArt:


Inserting Pictures or ClipArt is slightly different on a Business Card than on the other projects


·        Create a Text Box in one of your “coupons”.

·        Under Insert, select either Picture or Object.

·        Find the picture or ClipArt you want and select it.

·        The picture or ClipArt is now insert into your Text Box and is totally moveable and sizable.

To Insert Text:


Follow the General Directions for creating Text Boxes

Printing Coupon Books:


Printing is a little tricky so you will need to pay attention to how the printer you select works.


·        Practice on plain paper first

·        You may need a friend to help print so you can be observant.

·        Print a copy of the coupon sheet.

·        Observe how the paper feeds and the direction of printing.

·        Reverse the paper so you can now print in the opposite column of the sheet but on the same side of  the sheet.

·        Print the second column

·        If all goes well you are ready to print the coupons on the business card paper.


Creating Coupon Books:


1.      Do Not Remove Side Borders of Business Card Sheet

2.      Tear the business cards apart down the center.

3.      There are now two sets of business cards to make two coupon books.

4.      Do Not Remove the side borders of the business cards.

5.      Separate the business cards into singles and remove the top and bottom sheet borders.

6.      There are now 2 sets or 10 single business cards with the border still attached.

7.      Place the Business cards in stacks by sets with the borders lined up neatly.

8.      Staple the Coupon Booklets through the border of the business cards.

9.      There are now 2 coupon books with perforations to use to detach the coupons.




1.      Avery Brand Labels and Cards are the best.  I usually have problems if I buy the cheaper off-brand ones.  My recommendation is to always spend a little more to save big headaches trying to get the cheap ones to work.

2.      Avery Business Cards come in various colors so you have a chance to add variety to you coupons.  You could be seasonal!!!