Flip Booklet

(Microsoft Word 98)



•Look at the sample!!  Plan out the booklet before beginning. Pages can be added or deleted as needed. Use regular paper or card stock.


1.            Open a new document and choose Document…from the Format menu.

2.            Click the Margins tab and change bottom, left and right margins to .75 inches.

3.            Use the chart below to set top margins (TM) and then click OK. The last page will be a full sheet of paper. The other pages will be 1” shorter than the one after it.


Title Page            TM 3.75”            Trim 4.75” off the top of the page.

Pg. 1                   TM 3.25”            Trim 3.75” off the top of the page.

Pg. 2                   TM 2.75”            Trim 2.75” off the top of the page.

Pg. 3                   TM 2.25”            Trim 1.75” off the top of the page.

Pg. 4                   TM 1.5”              Trim .75” off the top of the page.

Pg. 5                   TM 1”                 DON’T TRIM any off of this page.




NOTE:  Enter text first and then add WordArt or Graphics.



Title Page:

Place your image clipart or graphic (see How to Insert Graphics) on the page. Use WordArt (see How to Insert WordArt) to add a title.


•  Now make the clipart/graphic and WordArt (or text) become one object. Select one of the objects, hold down the shift key and click on each of the remaining objects. This allows you to see handles around each of your objects.

•  Select Draw from the drawing toolbar.

•  Select Group. You now have one object instead of many.

•  Center the grouped objects on the page. Check the placement by changing the magnification of the page to 50%. Be sure none of the grouped objects are in non-printable areas.




Pages of Booklet (Do the following for each remaining page of the booklet.):

4.            Set margins as listed above for the respective page..

5.            From the View menu select Header and Footer.

6.            Click on the Switch Between Header and Footer icon (4th icon from the right). This toggles to Footer.

7.            Enter the information you want to appear on the ‘tabs’ of the flip book. I entered a page number and the title of that section. Change the style, size, and color of the font. I used 18 point Arial Black and alternated between red and green. (Select Font from the Format menu.)

8.            Enter the text for each page. Format the text if desired (Select Font from the Format menu.)

9.            Add clipart or images (see How To Insert Graphics).

10.        Add WordArt for titles (see How to Insert WordArt).


How To Insert Graphics:

11.        Choose Picture from the Insert menu.

12.        Choose Clip Art or From File depending on what type of graphic you are using.

13.        Select the piece of clipart/image you wish. Click Insert.

14.        Click and drag on one of the corner handles. This will resize the clipart proportionally.

15.        Make sure the clipart/image is selected, choose Picture or Object from the Format menu.

16.        Click the Wrapping tab.

17.        Select Wrapping style and wrap to options you desire.  I used tight. This allows the graphic to move freely on the page and text to flow around it.


How To Insert WordArt:

1.            Select Toolbars from the View menu.

2.            Make sure the Drawing toolbar is checked. (It should appear at the bottom of the screen.

3.            Click on the Blue A (which is the shortcut for Insert WordArt) in the center of the Drawing toolbar.

4.            Select whichever WordArt style you want and click OK.


Putting It All Together:

18.        Print the documents.

19.        Using the chart above trim off the appropriate amount from each page. REMEMBER, DO NOT TRIM ANY FROM THE LAST PAGE.

20.        Staple (or bind) the pages together (shortest page on top to longest page).


Helpful Hints:

·        Make a new document for each page in the flip booklet.

·        Making Lines – Use the drawing toolbar. (View – Toolbars – Drawing)