Christmas Ornament

Word 2002


1.      Open new document and make sure you are in Page Layout mode

2.      Set all margins to .5”

3.      Import the picture you want to be in your ornament

4.      The area of the picture you are going to use will need to be at least 2.5” in diameter

5.      Using the Oval Tool from the Draw Menu create a circle, don’t worry about size right now.

6.      Under Format select Drawing Object

7.      Select “Size and Position”

8.      Set height to 2.49” and the width to 2.49”

9.      You now have a circle the right size for the Christmas ornament

10.  Place the circle over the part of your picture to go into the ornament. 

11.  On Fill Color  on the Draw Menu change the color to No Fill, this makes the inside of the circle clear and not white.  Change the Line Color to None and your circle will be transparent over your picture.

12.  When you have the picture and circle adjusted and lined up right, highlight both of them and then use the Group command from the Draw Menu

13.  Test print on paper and then use the transparency paper to print your final ornament picture.

14.  Let the transparency dry for at least 5 minutes

15.  With dry hands (preferably without lotion on them) do the following steps

16.  Carefully cut the picture out on the circle guide line.  It is better a little big instead of a little little!  You can always trim a little off.

17.  Take the cap off the ornament.

18.  Roll the picture up

19.  Stick it in the ornament

20.  With tweezers move it around so it is right side up.  If it does not fit pull it out and trim it.

21.  Put the cap back on the ornament