A Whale's Tale Project

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We read the story, "Ibis, A True Whale Story."
We learned all about whales.
Click here for other resources on this story.
See if you know the true facts or you're tricked by our "Whale of a Tale."

Click here to download the template - Kidspiration2.
Kidspiration 1

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We wrote a newspaper article about a whale in trouble
and how people helped to rescue them.
Read our news reports.

Click here to download a printable copy to write your own reports.
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We learned that whales and dolphins are in the same family.
We found out that there are lots of ways dolphins and whales are the same,
but there are some ways they are different.
Take a look and click here to see
how our class compared and contrasted them.

 Download this Kidspiration 2 template so you can do your own compare and contrast.
Kidspiration 1
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See if you can solve the math word problems we created
from facts we have learned about whales.
Click below:
 Math Problems

Printable worksheets:   Page 1   Page 2   Page 3  

Do you have a math problem to share with us?
Email it to us here.

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