Gators & Crocs
Let's find out more about alligators and crocodiles through this web scavenger hunt. 
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1.  Alligators and crocodiles are part of the reptile family.  In fact, they are the largest reptiles.  Let's find
    out more about reptiles.    Yahooligans Animals
2.  In the reptile family, alligators and crocodiles are both part of the Crocodilian family.  So now
    discover how these two animals are different.     Alligator vs. Crocodile
3.  Now that we know more about these animals, where would you find an alligator or a crocodile living?
     Check it out.    Alligator Habitat          Crocodile Habitat

4.  Where in the world would these animals be found? Check the maps at the following site and find the
     "distribution " of the American Alligator and the American Crocodile.  Who's Who in Crocodilians

                      Click on "Launch Interactive."  Roll the mouse over the map to find the above  reptiles. 
                                       Then click to get the information on their "distribution.

5.  There are some special ways these reptiles have adapted to living in the water.  Click on the ears to
     see how they protect them.  Also, why do they like calm water?  Click on the nose to find out.
     The Clickable Croc 
                    Click on "Launch Interactive" and click on ears and nose.
6.  Since these reptiles are carnivores (meat eaters), find out what alligators and crocodiles actually eat.
     Crocodilian Frequently Asked Questions

                                                Look at the question, "What do crocodilians eat?"
7.  How big do alligators and crocodiles grow to be?  Check it out here: 
    American Alligator          American Crocodile

Download worksheet here:  Swamp Notes

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