Falling for Autumn

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Changes in Autumn

Click on the organizer to sort out the different kinds of changes
we see in autumn
using Kidspiration.

Class Poem

For our class poem, we brainstormed changes that we see in autumn.  Then we sorted these ideas by different types of changes.  Finally, the students worked in groups to arrange these ideas into a verse of the poem. 
So here's our final product:

Changes Seen in Autumn

Leaves fly off the road as you drive.
Leaves change different colors.
Leaves fall off the trees.
Leaves are in piles on the ground.
Leaves are red.
Trees are bare.

Squirrels start hiding acorns.
Squirrels start sleeping.
Scarecrows scare the birds away.
The birds start flying south.

Wind and rain knocks the leaves off.
People are wearing coats.
It turns cold.

People are raking leaves.
People eat pumpkin pie.

It's closer to Halloween.
People dress up for Halloween.
Pumpkins are seen everywhere.

Fall is Here!  We Love It!!



Leaf Science

Play our game,
"Rags to Riches-All About Leaves"
from the Quia site. 
See how much you know about leaves. 
Reading "Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!"
by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace will help you find all the answers.

Rags to Riches:
All About Leaves
Leaf Rubbings

We learned about all the different colors leaves turn during autumn by using a resource like the one available here.

Click on the leaves to e
njoy our leaf rubbings art work!
Fall  5 W's Poems

The students took pictures of fall leaves using a digital camera.
They then wrote a 5W's poem about their picture.
Click here to see their work.

"Falling Leaves"

A movie created by Mrs. Hicks' 2nd Grade


Click on the leaf to view our movie!

Fall Books

Here are the books we enjoyed reading as we learned more about the season of fall.


Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!
by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The First Leaf of Fall
by Louise Phillips

Fall is Here! I Love It!
by Elaine W. Good

Fall Internet Sites

Fall in Missouri

Fall Fun

Autumn Writing Prompts

Autumn Worksheets

Autumn Lesson Plans

Why Leaves Change Color

Why Do Fall Leaves Change Color?

Common Fall Leaves

Fall Foliage Facts

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Missouri State Objectives


Follow a writing process to generate a draft, reread and revise work, edit and proofread for capitalization and ending punctuation, and publish writing.


Develop and apply skills and strategies to comprehend nonfiction and use details from text to ask questions to clarify understanding, identify main ideas, and retell sequence of events.


Describe the basic needs of most plants.

Recognize that plants progress through life cycles.