5 W's Poem

Students were asked to give the five W's asking words:


Students then practiced as the teacher called out a W question word and then called a student to give an answer, then another student was given the next W question word and had to build on the previous answer, repeating until all 5 W's are used.

The students were then shown the poetry template for this poem and we completed a practice poem together on the SMARTBoard. 

Who (noun)
What (action phrase)
When (time phrase)
Where (place phrase)
Why (explanation-phrase or sentence)

Next, the students opened their templates at their computer and began writing their poems. 

When they completed their poem, they had to title their poem and then they could select a clip art graphic to add to their poem.

Please feel free to use these templates with your students as you would like.

  5 W's Template
  5 W's Student Sample

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