Kindergarten Poetry

The Kindergarten classes used their poems to learn color words. 

1. First the color word for the day was introduced on the SMARTBoard.  We practiced spelling, sounding out the word, and reading the color word.

2. Using Kidspiration, the students found items that matched the color word of the day and put them into a "grouping" graphic organizer for that color.

3. The poem of the day was introduced.  The students practiced reading the poem with me, finding the color word of the day, recognizing rhyming words and naming any clip art on the poem.  The students were given instructions on how to complete their poems.

4.  Then the students opened their folders at their computer and either drew pictures in Paint, or matched clip art with words in Word, depending on the poem.

Please feel free to use these templates with your students as you would like.

  Red Poem (Word )

  Blue Poem (Paint)

  Green Poem (Word )

  Yellow Poem (Paint)

  Orange Poem (Word )

Color Poems Book Cover (Paint)

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