Yellow Poem

1.  Using the SMARTBoard, the students were introduced to the color word yellow. 

2.  Then, still using the SMARTBoard, the students found yellow items from the Kidspiration graphics to put into the yellow sunburst Kidspiration template.

Click here to download the template.

3.  The students were then introduced to the poem called, "Yellow." The poem was read several times, looking for the color words and rhyming words.

4.  The students were then asked what the poem was asking them to draw, that is, a bright, shining sun.  The students were then shown how to draw a sun by  clicking on the ellipse tool, then the bottom box under the ellipse tool, and finally on the color yellow at the bottom of the page.  They learned how to click and drag to make a circle sun, then they switched to the paintbrush tool, using the largest dot, and made the rays of the sun.  Finally, switching to the color black, they could make a smiling face by adding two eyes and a smiling mouth.

5.  The students then opened their folders and created several shining suns at the bottom of their poetry .  They then shared their completed poems on the SMARTBoard.

  Yellow Poem (Paint  template)

  Yellow Poem (Student sample)

*In order to use this in the Paint program, click on the blue button, right click on the picture and select the command "Save Picture As"  and choose where you want to save it. Then when you want to open it into Paint, right click on your saved picture, click on "Open With" and choose Paint.  You now can work with this template in the Paint program.

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