Orange Poem

1.  Using the SMARTBoard, the students were introduced to the color word orange. 

2.  Then, still using the SMARTBoard, the students found orange items from the Kidspiration graphics to put into the orange orange Kidspiration template.

Click here to download the template.

3.  The students were then introduced to the poem called, "Orange." The poem was read several times, looking for the color word, rhyming words, the words that named the pictures and figuring out the missing word. 

4.  The students were asked to match the pictures to the words and write the name of the color word, orange, at the end of the poem.

5.  The students then opened their folders and first, the students scrolled to the end of the poem and we typed in the word orange together.  Then the students dragged the pictures to the matching words.  Finally the students typed their first and last names at the bottom of their poem. They then shared their completed poems on the SMARTBoard.

  Orange Poem (Word  template)

  Orange Poem (Student sample)

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