Identify Concern:

FCCLA members  at Cape Central were having communication issues between leaders and members.   Creating a website would enable them to find out information they were unsure of.   We also decided a webpage would be a great way to increase our number of members.  Students from our school can access this web site and learn information about our club. 


Along with our FCCLA information there is a link to our T.A.T.U web page.  This is an outreach program that we do through FCCLA to teach children in grades 4-6 that smoking is a bad habit to have.  By putting information about T.A.T.U on our web page we felt people throughout the community would be able to access information about our program


Set a goal: 

My main goal was to create a webpage that would be easy to use and effective to increase our number of members as well as increase the number of students attending meetings. 


Form a plan:

My main plan was to keep my website easy to navigate.  I didn't want people to get lost in what was going on.  Before I went to the computer I created a rough draft with the information I knew I wanted to use on my site (members, advisors, calendar, ex. ) . When I put this information on my site  I made sure it was  easy to find and that it  took you strait to the information you were looking for.  



This webpage has increased our number of members as well as brought in new members.   Communication is no longer an issue for us.  

Our T.A.T.U link has provided the community as a great way to learn about what we do.  Schools have already contacted us about seeing our website and expressed an interest in us visiting their school.