Spring Try-Out Information

    Only prospective cheerleaders, judges and clinic leaders will be allowed in the gym during the clinic and tryouts.  In order to keep the atmosphere as relaxed as possible, the clinic and tryouts will be closed to observers.

The cheerleader selection process is as follows:

Event                                 Percentage

    Teacher evaluations                 40

    Tryouts                                      60

For the teacher evaluations, each candidate will be given eight (8) evaluation forms.  If the candidate has been a cheerleader before the candidate must give one (1) evaluation form to the previous cheerleader sponsor, and seven (7) to current classroom teachers.  The teachers/sponsors will fill them out and return them to Patty Wamble or Mary LeGrand at Central High School by the date specified on the form.  Those evaluations not received before or on the specified date will be scored as zeros. 

Tryouts will be based solely on ability.  Candidates will be presented to the judges in groups of three in which they will perform an impromptu chant and a short spirit dance.  Each candidate will perform individually two jumps (a toe touch and a jump of their choice), one chant, one cheer and an optional jump series or tumbling.  During the individual judging, the other two candidates will remain quiet and squat or kneel.

The Varsity Cheerleading squad will consist of no more than twenty (20) members.  These members must be either sophomores, juniors or seniors. After the tryout scores are calculated, the candidates will be placed on the squads starting with the top score and working down from there.  The Freshmen Cheerleading squad will consist of no more than twelve (12) members.  The number on the squad(s) may be adjusted depending on the tryout scores.  Results will be handed out in sealed envelopes approximately one (1) hour after tryouts are completed.               

    Cheerleading Information/Requirements

For tryouts, each perspective cheerleader must have a health examination.

Each cheerleader and their family must be willing to accept the financial cost of camp and uniforms.  A list of uniform items to be purchased will be provided to each new cheerleader after tryouts.

Each cheerleader will be required to attend the summer cheerleading camp.  Each cheerleader will actively participate in fund raising activities for the squad.

Varsity cheerleaders will cheer at all Varsity football games (home and away) and all Varsity boy’s basketball games (home and away).  The Freshmen squad will cheer at all home Freshmen football games, all home Junior Varsity football games and Freshmen basketball (home and away). Both squads will alternate cheering at home Varsity girl’s basketball games.  Every effort will be made to insure that the schedule does not include an excessive number of games during the school week.    This will require a commitment to the squad and cheerleading over and above other school activities, school organizations and jobs.

Each cheerleader will attend all scheduled practices and activities during the summer and school year.  It is particularly important for the cheerleaders to be available during the two weeks prior to the beginning of school for group and individual pictures, Booster Club performance, and perfecting cheers.  Practices will generally be limited to once or twice per week after school.


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