My Classes For Both Semesters

Business Law             Finance Management                Accounting I & II                Career Imaging

This page will give an outline and description of the classes that I am teaching this year.


Business Law

Business Law is a study of business law that applies to minors and adults.  The legal issues, which are studied, focus on the interests of consumers and business.  The learning material will help students achieve an understanding of legal principles, which will be useful throughout life.  Course topics include:  ethnics and law, criminal and tort law,  the court system, trial procedures, contract law, the law of sales and sales warranties, consumer protection, buying and insuring a car, and personal property and bailment.  Course work includes discussion, case study and analysis, and selected cases from The People's Court.

1/2 Credit                                                                            Prerequisite:  None

1 Semesters-1 Period-Grades 12

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Finance Management

This course is an advanced level course designed to teach senior students to recognize rights and responsibilities in a free enterprise system and to understand the role of sound financial planning in keeping one's business and home solvent.  The course includes an in-depth study of the following topics:  money management, saving and investment, credit management, acquiring housing and transportation, insurance, consumer rights and responsibilities.

1/2 Credit                                                    Prerequisite:  None

1 Semesters-1 Period-Grade 12

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Accounting I & II

Accounting I is designed to give basic knowledge and skills used in double-entry accounting systems.  Activities include entering transactions in journals, posting to ledgers, preparing statements and reports, and doing payroll and banking functions.  Accounting activities for the computer are included with many of the topics studied.  This course meets objectives for the future study in accounting as well as other related business fields.

1 Credit                                                    Prerequisite:  None

2 Semesters-1 Period-Grades 11 & 12

Accounting II is designed to help the student acquire a more thorough, in depth knowledge of accounting procedures and techniques utilized in solving business problems and making financial decisions.  Students should develop skills in analyzing and interpreting information common to partnerships and corporate forms of organization, preparing formal statements and supporting schedules, and using voucher systems.  Emphasis is given to computer-based accounting procedures.  This course is very helpful for future business study at the post high school level.

1 Credit                                                    Prerequisite:  Accounting I with a C+ or higher or teacher recommendation

2 Semesters-1 Period-Grades 11 & 12

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Career Imaging

This course is designed to help students master the skills in successfully exploring, selecting, securing, maintaining, and succeeding in the world of work.  The core of the course allows students to explore careers and investigate occupations in career clusters.

1/2 Credit                                                     Prerequisite:  None

1 Semesters-1 Period-Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12

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