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How to Navigate through this website:

1.   The above buttons are hyperlinked to the sites that contain information about each course.  The syllabus, book report assignments, major writing assignments, and reading assignments will be on each site. 

2.  The ONLINE TEXTBOOK button (left-hand margin) will take you to the Holt, Rinehart, Winston Language Arts textbooks for English II, Basic English III, English III, and Honors English III.  You can access this button (and the others in the left-hand margin) through the homepage or any of the  course selection pages.

3.  To access the ONLINE TEXTBOOK, simply type the username and password that was given to you at the beginning of the year/semester.  Select Elements of Literature Level 4 for English II or Elements of Literature Level 5 for Basic English III, English III, or Honors English III. 

 *  A note:  Advanced Language Skills (ALS) and Journalism texts are not online as of yet. 

4.  The ENRICHMENT button will take you to the Holt, Rinehart, Winston enrichment site  To navigate through that website, simply type in LE5 11-1 for English III and Honors English III.  The 11-1 means that you will be in the 11th grade text, Collection (unit) 1 -- Colonial Literature.  The following is an index of the Collection Units in the text.  You may wish to view enrichment opportunities offered in each collection:

LE5 11-1:  Colonial and Native American Literature

LE5 11-2: Romantic Era of American Literature.

LE5 11-3:  American Masters: Whitman and Dickinson

LE5 11-4:  Realism Era of American Literature

LE5 11-5:  Modern Era of American Literature

LE5 11-6:  Contemporary Era of American Literature  

For the English II Enrichment readings and projects, type in LE5 10-1.  This will take you to Collection 1 of the 10th grade enrichment readings.  The following is an index of the Collection Units in the text.  You may wish to view enrichment opportunities offered in each collection:

LE5 10-1:  Plot and Setting

LE5 10-2:  Character

LE5 10-3:  Narrator and Voice

LE5 10-4:  Themes

LE5 10-5:  Irony and Ambiguity

LE5 10-6:  Symbolism and Allegory

LE5 10-7:  Poetry

LE5 10-8:  Literary Criticism

LE5 10-9:  Biography/Historical Legends

LE5 10-10: Drama


Academic honesty is a fundamental expectation for all students at Central High School. Academic dishonesty is considered one of the most egregious violations of our value of academic integrity. Academic dishonesty includes the following: any action involving cheating or deception done to improve a student's grade and any action that aids another student in committing an act of academic dishonesty. Some examples of academic dishonesty are copying test or homework answers, copying written material and presenting it as one's own, and letting another student copy one's work. Students involved in cheating on test, homework assignments, research papers, etc. will be penalized. A portion of the penalty will include a zero for the assignment with no opportunity for making up the work. The teacher will write a discipline referral, contact the parents and notify the appropriate principal so that the appropriate consequences can be assigned by using a graduated scale based upon the number of prior offenses.

1.      First Offense: 2 sessions Saturday School

2.      Second Offense: 5 days of In-School Suspension

3.      Third Offense: 10 Out-of-School Suspension Days and possible recommendation for Long-term suspension