Debate Class meets one semester per year, usually in the spring semester.  Debaters from the class usually make up the roster for the District Debate tournament in March.

  Debate Class
Three types of debate are covered in the class
in roughly equal units of time: 
Cross-Examination Debate is the original "team debate."
Lincoln-Douglas Debate is individual "values" debate.
Public Forum Debate is the newer, presumably more user-friendly team format of debate.
English II
B&W Lit
English III
Cross-Examination Debate is also called "Policy Debate," because it deals with recommended changes in national policy, laws, or regulations.  Policy debaters build "cases" for the Affirmative and Negative sides of the official proposition, because they will be called upon to debate both sides of the issue.   
    Lincoln-Douglas Debate considers propositions of value--resolutions that do not recommend policies or laws, but rather weigh philosophical values.  Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau number among the philosophers cited as debaters ask whether safety is a more relevant value than self-actualization, or if standard of living outbalances national security. Cape Central has a
 long string of District
 champions in debate,
 and qualifies
 competitors to the
 state tournament
 every year.

                    Public Forum Debate eschews much of the formal structure of cross-examination debate to make debate discussion more accessible to "citizen judges."  The objective is to avoid jargon and formality in a simpler, more straight-forward discussion of what is important or true.    
  The CHS Debate Team won
 both First Place and Second
Place in Cross-Ex Debate
at the 2011 District
Tournament...same result as
the 2010 Districts.