Adaptive PE

In this course, activities will be offered to those students who are physically impaired.  This course is designed for students who have handicapping conditions whose needs cannot be met in the regular physical education classes.  The activities will be designed to meet the needs of the individual student.  The course may be repeated and will serve to meet the two units of required physical education credit for graduation.  Students will be graded on a pass/fail.. basis.

PE (Men/Women)

Physical Education consists of health related issues, conditioning and body building activities, and participation in team and individual games and sports which have a carry-over for the adult years.  Students in grades 9 and 10 are required to enroll in physical education classes. 

Team Sports

The basic fundamental skills, etiquette, rules, and terminology of basketball, volleyball, flag football, softball, and other major team sports will be stressed in this course.  Emphasis will be on the game play with three to six weeks time allotment for each activity.  Officiating of the sports will be introduced to give students an appreciation of the skills involved.  

Racquet Sports

This course will offer eighteen weeks of racquet type activities.  Tennis will provide students an opportunity to learn or improve basic skills, serve, forehand, and backhand.  Rules and etiquette will be reviewed.  Singles and doubles will be played.  Racquetball, table tennis, badminton, and pickle-ball rules, skills, and strategy will be taught.  Emphasis will be to teach skills and rules so that he or she may enjoy these activities in later life.  In-class tournament play will be provided.  


In this course, students will be involved in classroom experiences pertaining to health problems and practices of young adults.  Personal health, body systems, nutrition, physical fitness, first aid, safety, mental health, disease prevention and control, family life and human sexuality, substance abuse, environmental and community health, and consumer health will be among the topics.  

Advanced Health

In this course, students will become certified in American Red Cross CPR and First Aid upon successful completion of both written and practical exams.  Students will be trained in sports safety training, disaster preparedness, and accident prevention.  The students will study sports injuries and rehabilitation, cross training, and sports nutrition.  This course is suited for students who want to further develop health skills, leadership skills, and important life skills.


This course is designed to improve the components of physical fitness; strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and particularly cardiovascular endurance through the use of routines and patterns set to popular music.  Other course activities include:  a fitness profile in which students chart their improvement, create their own routine, step aerobics, body sculpting, use of the weight room, stretching and relaxation techniques.

Athletic Fitness

This course will stress physical development of a person through the use of weight training, sprint and long distance running, flexibility, agility, speed, power and balance.  The students will be exposed to numerous fitness components through various tests of power, strength, and agility.  The students will also learn how to set up their own fitness programs, take their pulse rates, determine their target heart rate range, have lectures on fitness and how to improve their over-all body image and health.  

Physical Development

This course will offer eighteen weeks of physical fitness training.  The students will be exposed to various fitness components involved in physical development.  The students will be tested to determine their level of power, strength, agility, and cardiovascular fitness.  The activities of the course will be designed to enhance the physical development of the individual student.  The students will learn how various types of physical training will enhance the cardiovascular and muscular development of the human body.  Emphasis will be on lifetime activities.  

Fitness For Life

Introduction to exercise and weight control concepts.  A variety of cross training activities will be included:  rope jumping, circuit and interval training, walking/jogging, step training and aerobics.  Includes current methods, prevention, recognition, management of physical activity in sport-related injury.  Fundamentals of body sculpting, using weights and resistance bands will be introduced.  Nutrition, stress management, and relaxation skills included.