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Class Schedule:

1st -  Biology                        7:35-8:20
2nd - Planning                    8:25-9:10
3rd - Honors Anatomy     9:15-10:00
4th - Honors Anatomy    10:05-10:50

Lunch                                    10:55-11:15

5th - Honors Anatomy   11:20-12:10
6th - Honors Anatomy   12:15-1:00
7th - Planning                    1:05-1:50
8th - Biology                       1:55-2:40   

Biology Course Information

Biology Rules and Regulations
-School board mandated class for graduation.
-All Biology students need a 3 ring binder!!!
-Students will be responsible for maintaining this binder all year.

Honors Anatomy Course Info

Honors Rules and Regulations

-Intense course designed for the student that is academically strong and is preparing for the field of medicine.