7th Grade

8th Grade

Monday 10/24-Read "Three Skeleton Key" and make a list of suspensful moments and do Writing: Describing a Scene

Tuesday 10/25-Share work over "Three Skeleton Key" in groups; discuss elements of a newspaper article on p.52 and read "Eeking Out a Life". Begin writing newspaper article about "Three Skeleton Key"

Wednesday 10/26-Continue working on newspaper article; prepare for Literature Circle Meeting

Thursday 10/27-All Literature Circle groups meet; peer review newspaper articles; use Microsoft Publisher to create a newspaper front page with article

Friday 10/28-No School


Monday 10/31-

Tuesday 11/1-

Wednesday 11/2

Thursday 11/3-All Literature Circle groups meet

Friday 11/4-Library Day

We are currently working on seminar on a daily basis.  Please following this link for all due dates http://www.cape.k12.mo.us/cjhs/challenge/seminar.htm

Literature Circle Meetings this week:

Rules of Survival-Mon. Oct 24 and Thursday Oct. 27

I am Number Four-Tuesday Oct. 25

House of the Scorpion-Wednesday Oct. 26

Between a Rock and a Hard Place-Wednesday Oct. 26

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes (Group 1)-Wed. Oct. 26

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes (Group 2)-Thurs. Oct. 27


Monday 10/24-Introduce Unit 5 Vocabulary-vocabulary writing due Thursday (150 words, 6 vocabulary words, 3 :) tricks; take notes for seminar, read literature circle book

Tuesday 10/25-Work on vocabulary, seminar notes, read literature circle book

Wednesday 10/26-Work on vocabulary, seminar notes, read literature circle book

Thursday 10/27-Quiz over vocabulary Units 1-5; work on seminar notes; read literature circle book

Friday 10/28-No school


Literature Circles meeting this week:

I am Number Four-Monday Oct. 31

House of the Scorpion-Tuesday, Nov. 1

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes-Tuesday, Nov. 1

Between a Rock and a Hard Place-Tuesday, Nov. 1

That Was Then This is Now-Tuesday Nov. 1


Monday 10/31-

Tuesday 11/1-


Thursday 11/3

Friday 11/4-Library Day