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Gifted Education Philosophy

The gifted education program of the Cape Girardeau School District recognizes that while basic intellectual and emotional needs are shared by all students, some needs of gifted students are intensified because of their exceptional mental and creative abilities.  We believe that the development of these abilities must be carefully nurtured.  This process of nurturing involves the cultivation of not only skills and knowledge, but also important areas of personal growth.


Gifted Education Rationale

The mission of the district gifted program is to provide an environment in which gifted students have the opportunity to reach their intellectual, emotional, and creative potential.  We are dedicated to the achievement of our mission by challenging, nurturing, and inspiring each student through a differentiated curriculum.




Course Description


Students in the gifted program at CJHS have the option of being scheduled for a one period Challenge class or participating on a pull-out basis.  During both scheduled class time and pull-out time students will participate in interest group activities, work on an individual research projects and use resources available including software and printed resource materials.  Interest group activities include, but are not limited to, Academic Team competition practices, chess, drama, critical thinking, webpage design, newscast and creative writing...  These interest groups are based on student interests, therefore interest activities are modified as needed.



Nomination for the Gifted Program

Parents, students, teachers, or facilitators may nominate students for the Gifted Program.  The party making the nomination should complete the Gifted Education Nomination form which can be obtained from the building level counselor or the gifted facilitator.  Work samples that demonstrate gifted characteristics should also be included.  When completed, the referrals should be returned to the building level counselor who will review the referrals and forward them to the gifted facilitators.  Nominations are due by January 15th.

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