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     I am a product of the Cape Girardeau area. I was born and raised here in the boot heel. I graduated from CHS in 1992 and went Nashville Automotive and Diesel College. After several years, at the request of my grandmother, I went back to college for what I really wanted to do; Art!!! 

    I started at S.E.MO. but ended up at Southern Illinois University @ Edwardsville where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001 with deans list honors. While there I was also awarded grant funds to research non-toxic printing methods which made me a member of the Undergraduate Research Academy. I have worked in several galleries and museums in both St. Louis and Kansas City Missouri. Two of them were Laumeier Sculpture Park and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. 

    My Family and I moved back to Cape Girardeau in the summer of 2004. I have a mother, a wife and a daughter all in the cape school district. My mother has taught for over 30 years. My wife and I are still "newbies", but are both working hard for you!  In the 2004-2005 school year I was voted as 8th grade teacher of the year. This was an honor for two reasons. One it was my first year and two I was an elective class teacher. In 2010 I received the principals Award. In 2011 I was awarded Educator Of the Year by the Cape Area Chamber of Commerce. I have written several grants to make my dream of a yearly ARTFusion a reality.

I am constantly working to make Art a place of exploration and importance

·        Awarded Undergraduate Research Grant funding to explore non-toxic printing methods. (2000)

·        Organized first Annual Student Art Show at CJHS. (2005)

·        Awarded “Teacher of the Year” by the Renaissance Committee.  (2005)

·        Awarded Grant Funding to start after school art program.  (2006)

·        Commissioned by Cape Public Library to design and create donor mural (2009)

·        Awarded grant funding to create on campus Visual Art fair titled ARTFusion. 


·        2010 Principals Award recipient

·        Awarded Missouri Arts Council Grant for ARTFusion (2011)

·        Named Cape Area Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year (2011)

I am a practicing artist who stays contemporary with concepts in the art world