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My goal is to teach the students how to use symbols, forms and colors to communicate and express an internal idea. The arts are all forms of communication. Whether through a story or a poem in literary arts, through song or dance in performing arts, or through pictures, forms and symbols in the visual arts; the idea is to outwardly create an idea, emotion, or experience for the viewer to interpret. In my class the students are given a problem. How they choose to solve tat problem is up to them. This is art class and they are the artists. I am a facilitator and an advisor on how to help them reach their solution. Because each student can perceive the solution differently and because each artist creates differently, I grade each project individually by the students artistical ability. It is not my interest to make cookie cutter artist who knows just how to recreate or copy something. It is in my interest to teach the students the proper ways in which to use the tools and materials used in making art and to help facilitate the knowledge of using symbols etc. to create a visual experience.