Third Grade Social Studies

     This web page is designed to be implemented by third grade teachers, their students and parents.  It is based on the Cape Girardeau Public Schools third grade Social Studies curriculum as well as the Missouri Department of Education third grade level expectations. This web page also integrates the use of our new 2005 MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Social Studies textbook adopted by the Cape Girardeau Public Schools.
      The purpose of this web page is to enrich and reinforce the third grade Social Studies objectives through the use of technology. It is designed by Toni Ryan Dement, third grade teacher at Clippard Elementary School.
       Learn about the symbols of our nation

       Learn about the Declaration of Independence.

    What are the democratic values promised in the Bill of Rights?

    Listen to the National Anthem.   

    What does the Pledge of Allegiance mean?   



       Chapter 1--What is a community?  Take a field trip to places in a community.

    Review Chapter 1.


        Chapter 2-- Look at a landform map of the United States.

    What does it mean to recycle?  Visit Recycle City.

    What does it take to be a good citizen?

    It is fun to learn about endangered animals. More endangered animal information is at Enchanted Learning.

     What are natural, human, and capital resources?

     Review Chapter 2.

       Chapter 3--Visit Mesa Verde

    Learn about Colonial Life.

    Research Pocahontas.

    Review Chapter 3.



        Chapter 4--Who was Daniel Boone?

    Travel with Lewis and Clark on their adventure.

    Pioneers traveled in covered wagons on the Oregon Trail.

     Time lines are helpful tools.               

    Tour Ellis Island.                                                        

    The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.                                        

    Learn about Martin Luther King with this timeline

    Review Chapter 4.


         Chapter 5--The Sears Tower is an example of a skyscraper.

     Review Chapter 5.


          Chapter 6--What are goods? What are services?

     What are consumers? What are producers?

     Learn about Ben Franklin with this timeline.

     What does opportunity cost mean?

     What are the differences in needs and wants? More needs and wants.

      Review Chapter 6.



          Chapter 7--What did Henry Ford invent?

     Review Chapter 7.


           Chapter 8--Take a field trip to city hall.

      Learn about the Capitol in Washington, D.C. 

      How do we elect a president?

      Take a tour of the White House.

      What are the 3 branches of our government?

       Visit the Washington Monument.

      Review Chapter 8.

             Chapter 9--Who was Helen Keller?

          Who was Clara Barton?

           Review Chapter 9.



              Chapter 10--Take a ride on the underground railroad with Harriet Tubman.

          Who was Paul Bunyan? Who was Pecos Bill?

          What are primary and secondary sources?

           Review Chapter 10.

              Chapter 11--Find out about the Chinese New Year. 

          Mardi Gras is fun.

          Review Chapter 11.


         Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?

     What was the first Thanksgiving like?

     Look at a timeline of George Washington's life.

     What did George Washington Carver study?

     What did Mark Twain write?

     Who was the famous Missourian Harry S. Truman

     What did Laura Ingalls Wilder write?

      Learn about our local government.

      Learn interesting facts about the city of Cape Girardeau.

      Visit the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce.

      View Missouri's state symbols.

      Learn about current events at Time for Kids.




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